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eltr_vnv_nation's Journal

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V.N.V. N.A.T.I.O.N

this is a community created for vnv nation fans or any underground bands.
fans. any1 can join, but if you decide to be an
asshole..you will be kicked out.


[[x]] don't join just to diss this community.
[[x]] don't start arguments.
[[x]] if you join you must post..don't just join for the fuck of it.
[[x]] stay on topic.
\\\ i'll update this later.


this community doesn't require applications, but it's nice knowing who's who so please fill this out when joining.

[-= V.N.V =-]Age:
[-= V.N.V =-]Location:
[-= V.N.V =-]Why do u like vnv nation?
[-= V.N.V =-]What would you like to change about them?
[-= V.N.V =-]Have you got their autograph?
[-= V.N.V =-]How many times have you been to vnv shows/concerts?
[-= V.N.V =-]Fave vnv song/album:
[-= V.N.V =-]Fave vnv video:
[-= V.N.V =-]Other interests:
[-= V.N.V =-]Piercings or Tattoos:
[-= V.N.V =-]What are your hobbies?
[-= V.N.V =-]What is the first thing that comes to mind about this community?
[-= V.N.V =-]Post atleast 1 picture of yourself:

thak you.