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Cut from my huge entry in my journal... this concert was one of my better experiences. It started off with the band Soman (which ended up being one of VNV Nation's live members)'s was basically a one dude band with his appppple laptooop. LOL, kinda reminded me of a rave DJ. Anyway, it was really funny because he was moving and doing all these expressions and trying to get everyone more upbeat. Most people just watched though. But everyone clapped.

Imperative Reaction was next. They only played one song and stopped because they said something about how their soundcheck went dead or something. Ronan of VNV came out afterwards and was like "we want them to we are going to help them and let them play after our set, but you must promise to stay after for them!" And I thought that was real awesome of him to be helping his tourmates like that.

So then we waited and waited and waited...and finally VNV Nation came out. They mostly played songs from their new album...which is cool...because I love their new stuff. Actually I think I must have been the whole new cd...just not the instrumentals. I think the first song was Chrome. Ronan did a good job about trying to get everyone to be enthusiatic about the show. I mean, c'mon he made Andrew yell like 2403503 times. Andrew NEVER yells at concerts. He yelled so much that his voice was out by the end of the night. And we had three encores were VNV Nation kept coming out. Hehe. They just don't want to leave!! :) It also seems like Ronan likes to take a different part in singing the songs live because sometimes he likes to draw out the words. Really I guess my only beef was that I could hardly hear Ronan through the music. But hey, it is a concert. But really, I don't have much complaints since everyone was cool and VNV Nation is just awesome.

They played (not in exact order):
Dark Angel

(I might be missing some, I'm not sure.)

After that, Imperative Reaction came on again. Long show I tell ya! They were cool also, but I was too tired to do much jamming along to them. They kinda reminded of Zeromancer by their sound which made them really awesome. I would have went down and buy one of their cds but like every cd at stand was like $15 (including VNV Nation's)...but I guess I can check them out more and decide if I want to get a cd.

It seems that my film had ran out before the show was over...Andrew told me he got the film rolls with 32 pictures..but the camera rewound at 24. And I was planning to get a picture with at least Ronan. We found a uber cool dude named Joedon and he let us borrow his digital camera for a picture (who we helped take his picture with it). I thanked him like 93539545 times and I bet he got annoyed. I guess I was just real happy that he and some other fans at the show were cool. Or maybe I just caught the right person at the right time.. I don't know.

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So maybe life doesn't hate me for once. :D
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