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[-= V.N.V =-]Age: 19, turning 20 April 26th
[-= V.N.V =-]Location: Ft. Worth, Tx
[-= V.N.V =-]Why do u like vnv nation? because they are inspirational, unique, touching, and dancy
[-= V.N.V =-]What would you like to change about them? nothing! Although Ronan's voice can get bland sometimes...but he seems to be more better about it in the new cd
[-= V.N.V =-]Have you got their autograph? no
[-= V.N.V =-]How many times have you been to vnv shows/concerts? I'm going to see them in May for the first time
[-= V.N.V =-]Fave vnv song/album: Well, I'm kinda liking the new one a lot...there's too many songs I like.
[-= V.N.V =-]Fave vnv video: Haven't seen one..
[-= V.N.V =-]Other interests: look in my info :]
[-= V.N.V =-]Piercings or Tattoos: none :/
[-= V.N.V =-]What are your hobbies? drawing, going out, seeing movies, listening to music, etc
[-= V.N.V =-]What is the first thing that comes to mind about this community? VNV NATION ROCKS!!
[-= V.N.V =-]Post atleast 1 picture of yourself:

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heyy there..welcome to my boring community haha..soon ill get more involved in the makeup.
Seriously, I second the make-up thing, you'll have to explain in detail how you do that shit...
Aww thanks.
Wow really I didn't think I'd get many responses on this kind of stuff.. but..
do you do any makeup yourself? :)
yeah, but rarely...