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Hey there...

Hi I'm a big ebm fan, in particular vnv. I have no other picture of me apart from on lj hope it will do. :)
[-= V.N.V =-]Age:24
[-= V.N.V =-]Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
[-= V.N.V =-]Why do u like vnv nation? the combination of many genres mixed to a unique vision
[-= V.N.V =-]What would you like to change about them?
[-= V.N.V =-]Have you got their autograph? Yes and met Ronan in person
[-= V.N.V =-]How many times have you been to vnv shows/concerts? only once 3 weeks ago at tinitus (stockholm) hopefully more next year :)
[-= V.N.V =-]Fave vnv song/album: kingdom(restoration) burning empires
[-= V.N.V =-]Fave vnv video: electronaut
[-= V.N.V =-]Other interests: suicide commandoes, covenant, the azoic, razed in black, alphaville, girls under glass, Apoptigma bezerk,and all the classics.
[-= V.N.V =-]Piercings or Tattoos: 2 tatoos soon to be 3, 5 piercings
[-= V.N.V =-]What are your hobbies? Travelling, clubbing, socialising meeting new people.
[-= V.N.V =-]What is the first thing that comes to mind about this community? black
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